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Contact us to discuss your consultation needs.

Want to enhance your current training program? Need a total program makeover? Starting from scratch? We’ll ensure your program is well-rounded, addressing all areas necessary for optimal performance as well as decreased injury risk. Don’t have time for the gym? Not a problem – we can design a program that you can do at home with minimal equipment required. Interested in weight lifting but not sure how to start? We’ll make sure you’ve put in the right prep work and teach you correct form with free weights, kettle bells, and Olympic lifting techniques.

Strength and Conditioning Consulting

(for individuals)

Team Consulting

Help keep your team healthy and injury-free. Services include functional movement assessments, group training programs including proper core strengthening, mobility/flexibility, general conditioning, and sport-specific conditioning.

Workplace Consulting

Keep your employees comfortable and injury-free to increase productivity. Services include individual work station ergonomic assessments, equipment recommendations, group educational inservices on ergonomics, body mechanics, stretches and exercises for the workplace, and ways to mitigate injury risk.

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