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Please contact us to discuss assessment options and schedule an appointment:

Biomechanical Wellness Assessment

This preventative screening examination aims to identify areas of potential injury risk by finding any chinks in your armor. This is a whole-body comprehensive assessment to evaluate mobility, flexibility, strength, and functional stability. Any deficits will be discussed and a training plan will be provided to address these areas. The goal is to catch any weak links before they turn into future injuries, so that you can keep doing the things you love without having to take time off to deal with an injury. We take our cars to the mechanic for check-ups and routine services before problems arise – why not do the same for your body? It’s the most important machine in your life.

Breathing Assessment

A capnographer, a device which measures carbon dioxide output, is used to assess your respiratory fitness under various conditions. Subtle breathing dysfunctions can have profound physiological effects, with implications for individuals at all levels, from people with persistent pain states to elite athletes. Statistics suggest that 10-25% of the population suffers from learned dysfunctional breathing habits affecting breathing chemistry, and many are not even aware of it.

Running Assessment

Video analysis is used to allow detailed assessment of your running mechanics. Not only is this extremely important in returning to run following an injury, but also highly valuable for injury prevention by identifying poor biomechanical and/or loading habits, as well as improving running efficiency. Also included is a whole-body movement screen to assess any mobility or strength imbalances

that may be negatively influencing your running mechanics and performance.

Bike Fitting

We adjust your bike to fit your body, not the other way around. We start with a whole-body movement screen and injury history to ensure a fit that is biomechanically appropriate and efficient to optimize performance and decrease injury risk. We’ll make adjustment to your bike and cleat/pedal interface, and can recommend stem or other component changes that may be necessary to optimize your fit.

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