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Physical Therapy

Individualized treatment with a physical therapist to evaluate injuries, assess biomechanics, and restore correct movement patterns to allow return to pain-free activity.


Elevate your performance with sport-specific assessments, identify areas of potential injury risk with biomechanical assessments, learn about how your breathing may be helping or hindering you. 


Individual and group consulting to maximize performance and reduce injuries.

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Movement Specialist

Physical Therapist



Jessica Smith-Blockley physical therapist

At Ascend Physical Therapy, we treat the whole person.


The human body is a complex mechanism; nothing happens in isolation.


You can expect a comprehensive evaluation, taking into consideration not just your current condition, but also your past history, other physical and non-physical factors, as well as home, work, sport, and life demands. 


You’ll have up to an hour of one-on-one time with your physical therapist to allow for the highest level of individualized care.


We’ll work together to reach your goals and get you back to living the life you love.​

Jessica Smith-Blockley


I began seeing Jessica when I got into running for the first time at 40 and found myself plagued by various pains up and down my legs. What I thought was runners knee or hamstring strains, Jessica would find the root of my pain - often not that area of the body at all - but centered instead in weak hips or sad glute muscles, and provide treatment and exercises that quickly and effectively fixed the problem and had me back to running in no time. I'm always amazed at her breadth of knowledge about the human body, it's functionality and connectedness. I recently sprained my ankle and after almost a month, it just wasn't healing right and since I live in Portland and she now resides in Bend, I drove over to see her. Again, a week after my appointment with Jessica, I'm happy to say my ankle is so much better, my range of motion is significantly improved and my symptoms have almost completely gone away. I trust her experience, knowledge and judgement and will continue the trek to Bend from Portland whenever I need her help, she's a life-saver! —J.O.


I started working with Jessica due to pain I was experiencing in my right hip and lower back.  She quickly assessed how out of alignment my body had become due to an injury I had suffered 15 years ago, which had never been properly diagnosed or treated. Jessica worked with me weekly for a year to properly strengthen, and retrain muscles that had frankly stopped responding due to other larger muscles taking over and doing all the work. She was so patient and compassionate, always assessing and revising my treatment to help me find relief. I can't thank her enough for all the help. —JF

Jessica helped me so much over the years! I attribute my current functionality and positive relationship with my body in large part to her. She is an excellent therapist, truly gifted, as well as highly knowledgeable,  skilled, and utterly dedicated to her craft and her clients. Jessica helped me with a range of physical challenges, including a chronic tendon condition, recovery from radiation after cancer surgery, and more minor muscle tweaks and strains. I can’t say enough about how much I admire and trust her, and am grateful for her treatments. I highly recommend her services! ~ Caroline Spark , PhD

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